We're a creative duo of designers, strategists, and thinkers that strive to create websites with lasting impact.

Hey you! Eddie and Nancy here.

We value creativity and collaboration, both with our clients and partners. We have an unwavering passion for design, meticulous care, and consistent efficiency.

We're designers that focus on crafting websites for like-minded wedding creatives and small businesses in the industry! We created Eddie and Nancy with goals of creating website designs that are compelling, that clarify your purpose, and will help you stand out in the crowd of other wedding creatives.

Between crafting visual stories and listening to true crime podcasts, you can probably find us sipping on a homemade iced latte or cocktail, chasing our fur-baby Pixel off screen doors, snuggling up on the couch watching Grey's Anatomy, or gathering inspiration from the endless beauty of the world around us.

creating a website shouldn’t be boring

welcome to the creative rebels

We design outside the box and push creativity to its limits. We help you by asking the right questions, understand how you are different, and turn your copy into a personality on page. We’re ready to be your creative partner for life - because you’re not crazy if you dream big.

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Our Team



The Right brain

The Left Brain

Alllll about the vibes. Understands the vibes and uses his vibe-y sense (like spide-y sense...get it) to make sure the user experience is *absolutely* perfect for your website.

The big brains around the business. Loves nerdy things like HTML/CSS, wire framing, grids and spacing, basic SEO, image dimensions, color accessibility, and alllll stuff web related.

Cups of coffee drunk since 2022:

oz of salmon eaten since 2022:

380 daily pour overs

90 oz. of salmon poke bowls